Stream Monitoring

Ever Wonder What Lives in the Creek?

For all you nature lovers, here’s another activity to add to your list – macro-invertebrate watching!

Stream Monitoring Team

We have a stream monitoring team in partnership with  Audubon Naturalist Society.  The team monitors four times a year. If you are interesting in helping us keep track of the macro-invertebrates and other aquatic creatures that live in the LIttle Falls Branch, please email Sarah Morse at  LFWA will pay the training fees for anyone who commits to monitoring our creek.  Information about the ANS program is HERE.

Creek Critter Days

Little Falls Watershed Alliance is excited to be part of a group using ANS's  Creek Criitter Identification App for a fun in the creek event..  Twice a year, we host Creek Critters Days.  At this family oriented event, adults and kids alike will enjoy gettingin the creek and hunting for macro-invertebrates.  We provide all the necessary equipment.  Participants use the ANS app to identify the bugs they find.  In the past, we found caddis fly, mayfly, crane fly and black fly larvae as well as scud, leeches, and planaria . Also a snake and a lot of fish!

Watch our calendar for events dates.

Try the App.  Download it for yourself. The app is designed to engage people in improving the health of their local streams by leading them through a macro-invertebrate collection. The app guides novices on finding an appropriate collection site in a stream, collecting macros (“creek critters”) using an inexpensive set of supplies, and identifying the macros. A stream health report is automatically generated based on the macros that are found. The app is intended to build on the excitement generated when people learn about the stream habitat and discover the critters that make their homes in this habitat.  


In the creek, hunting for macro-invertebrates

Macro-Invertebrate identification in the Little Falls Branch