Storm Drain Labeling

Labeling storm drains in the Little Falls watershed Bethesda, MDLabel the Watershed!


Did you know that everything that goes in the storm drains goes right to the creek?  Rain from roofs, driveways, and sidewalks carrying pollutants and dirt; trash thrown in the gutter, liquids like paint, soapy water and oil dumped in the street - all these pollutants go right to the Little Falls creek.   

Labeling the storm drains with "Do Not Pollute, Flows to Little Falls creek"  is a powerful way to remind people that what happens on our streets directly effects the health of our creek, the Potomac River and the Bay.

We have labeled over 1,000 storm drains, but have hundreds more to go.

Look for announcements for our labeling events. 

If you want to do a storm drain labeling project, contact us at stormwater@lfwa and we will get you set up with labels and supplies. 

Dog Poop, Trash, Leaves and Liquids Don't Belong in the Storm Drains.

You can help clean-up the creek by disposing of dog poop properly; keeping the gutters free from leaves and debris; making a rain garden so the water goes into the ground, not into the gutter; pouring soapy water from car washing into the sink or toilet. Click here for more ideas on how you can help.