Hiking and Biking Trails

Capital Crescent Trail

Five miles of the popular Capital Crescent Trail run straight through the heart of the Little Falls Watershed.  This trail is biking, walking, and jogging route that links many popular places in the watershed.  Enjoy the easy gradient and long stretch of natural spaces when you use this trail to get from downtown Bethesda to the C&O Canal, straight through the heart of the Little Falls Watershed.  

Check out the trail's website for a detailed map and additional information.

C&O Canal

Four miles of the historic C&O Canal stretch along the base of the Little Falls Watershed.  A popular access point for the canal is to take the Capital Crescent trail to where it meets the canal. Click here for a map of the canal from Georgetown, through the Little Falls watershed, to Swan's Lock.

Little Falls Branch Stream Valley Park Trail 

The 3.5-mile Little Falls hiker-biker paved trail is largely shaded and offers unobstructed views of Little Falls.  This trail is the best way to enjoy the variety of natural areas that the 160 acre Little Falls Stream Valley Park has to offer.  Click here for a map of the trail.

Vinton Park Trail

The upper main stem of the Little Falls creek runs through the Town of Somerset in VintonPark.   The mile-long trail is accessible from Dorset Ave. just below Wisconsin Ave.   The trail meanders through the woods, past a lovely waterfall, past the Somerset Pool and then goes behind the Irene Apartment buidling where it joins the Willard Ave path and continues to River Road. There are two stream crossings on stepping stones.