Parks and Natural Spaces

Get Outside!

The Little Falls Watershed is home to a large number of parks, forests, and other natural spaces open for all to enjoy.  These parks allow residents opportunities to play outside, hike, bike, walk their dogs, and just relax in green space.

Little Falls Stream Valley Park

This 160 acre park is the heart of the Little Falls Watershed.  Starting in Bethesda, MD near Norwood Park, it runs along the Little Falls Parkway and then parallel with the Capital Crescent all the way to MacArthur Boulevard in Washington DC.  The Park has no facilities, but there is a lovely 3.5 mile trail along the creek for walking dogs, jogging, biking or having a stroll.  Many wildlife have been spotted there including owls, foxes, and a variety of song bird and ducks.  There is parking at the gravel parking lot at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Little Falls Parkway in Bethesda, MD as well as at Norwood Park, the northern end of the Park.  Click here for a detailed map.

Click here for location of parking for the lower section of the park.


Fort Bayard Park

Bounded by Western Avenue, River Road, and Fessenden, 46th and 47th Streets, NW, DC

Once a defensive fortification built during the Civil War as part of a 68 enclosed enclosed forts and armed batteries system intended to block all approaches to Washington, DC, Fort Bayard is now home to a enclosed toddler lot, a ball field and several picnic tables.  It is a popular spot to walk dogs.

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Friendship Park (aka Turtle Park)

45th and Van Ness Streets, NW, DC

This large park in Northwest DC is home to playground equipment, tennis and basketball courts as well as a Recreation Center. 

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Merrimack Park

6414 Winston Dr, Bethesda, MD

This neighborhood park has a playground, tennis courts, and a basketball court. The heavily shaded playground is moderately sized. It has only 2 swings and also has three slides, A small, bumpy one, a covered one and a spiral one, It also has a pretty neat climbing structure that looks like a ladder that curves on it's side as it goes up. It is cushioned with a thick layer of mulch. There are two tennis courts, a basketball court and a field. There are lots of trees in the park, but the field, tennis courts, and basketball court get lots of sun. 

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Norwood Local Park

4700 Norwood Drive, ChevyChase, MD

This open park is community mainstay, hosting countless sports practices and baseball games; a perfect place for picnics; basketball courts; tennis courts; and a  playground.   Among the recreation features of this park are two sizable ADA accessible playgrounds, softball field, lighted baseball field, and five tennis courts. The park is home to the Norwood Recreation Building, which is available for rent,

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Vinton Park, Town of Somerset

Dorset Ave, Chevy Chase, MD

Vinton Park is an 18 acre natural area along the upper main stem of the Little Falls Branch.  The park has an excellent hiking trail along the creek with two stream crossings on stepping stones.  Access to the Park is at the Somerset Swimming Pool, Falstone and Warwick, Chevy Chase, MD or off of Dorset near Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD.

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Westmoreland Hills Park

5315 Elliott Drive, Bethesda, MD

This10 acre park features a playground, softball field, multi-use field,  two tennis courts and a picnic area. 

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Wood Acres Park

5850 Wynn Wood Rd, Bethesda, MD

This neighborhood park has a large playground, tennis courts, and a basketball court. The playground very good, larger than the ones at most of the area parks. It has lots of swings, five slides (one is double), a couple of pieces climbing equipment, trains to play on, and more. It is cushioned with a thick layer of mulch. The tennis courts and basketball court are open for everyone. There are lots of trees in the park, but it gets some sun too.

The park is right next to Wood Acres Elementary School, people often take their dogs to walk in the park and play in the adjacent ball fields. 

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