Explore the Little Falls Watershed

Do you want to explore the amazing natural spaces right in your neighborhood?


Check out our map for the geographic area of the watershed and points of interest.

Get Outside

Our area has miles of natural spaces waiting to be explored.  Bike to the C&O Canal on the Capital Crescent Trail, both amazing trails located in our watershed.  Walk the dog along the Little Falls Branch - one of our three creeks, enjoy our natural beauty, picnic, or just kick around a soccer ball, in one of our many beautiful parks and natural spaces.

Plants and Animals

Meet some of the natural members of our communities right outside your door.  Help identify the wildlife that live in our watershed so we can understand how best to protect the health or their environments.  Help us identify and save the gorgeous native plants of our area by locating and surveying the plants in our parks and natural spaces.

Our Neighborhoods

We are a small and local environmental organization and we recognize that our neighborhoods are the moving force in environmental change.  Get active in your communities by participating in trash pick-up days, pest weed removal, label the watershed days, and advocate in your town to help prevent polluted runoff from hurting the health of our water.  By acting locally, we can make a difference.