Creek Cleaned; Thank You Everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2011 - 10:01am

Sorry, we have no pictures (need to remember to find volunteer photographer), but we had a quality turn out on Saturday for the Annual Creek Sweep. Over 50 bags of trash and recyclables were pulled from the creek as well as a ladder, a shovel, plastic flower pots, various clothing, four cell phones and more! Visit the Alice Ferguson website to get a report on how the other sites did.

Thank you especially to Jackie's Girl Scout troop, the Cub Scout Bears from Wood Acres ES and the group from Stone Ridge. These kids were enthusiastic cleaners!

We won't have another big clean-up until next year, but if you are interested in cleaning the creek, send us an email at and we can direct you to the worst spots and arrange for bags, gloves and pick-up. We also have a once a month creek clean-up between Mass Ave and River Road on Little Falls Parkway. Visit our website at for details.

And if you are reading this and have any pictures that we could post, please let me know! A picture tells a thousand words.

Thanks for thinking about the environment,
Sarah Morse