Anti-Litter Campaign

We Can Stop Trash Before it Hits the Creek!     

Trash is out of the Little Falls Branch in Bethesda MDTrash choked streams start with trash on the ground.  LFWA is committed to cleaning not only the streams in our annual stream clean-up day but fighting trash at the source and on the streets and sidewalks. 

The Little Falls Watershed Alliance is active with local and State governments advocating for a trash free watershed.

We have lobbied in DC and Annapolis for stricter litter laws.

We are working with DC Government and Neighborhood Associations on stricter enforcement of litter laws.

LFWA has worked with Montgomery County Council persons to draft legislation which will increase litter fines and require businesses to be more active in cleaning up outside their establishments.

We have sponsored two trash pick up days and work with the Wisconsin Avenue Beautification Project on litter patrol.

We have also adopted a stretch of the Little Falls Parkway and are committed to keeping it clean.

Join us in Preventing Litter from Clogging our Streams.

Once a month, on the second Saturday of the month, LFWA leads trash cleanups along Little Falls Parkway and Little Falls Branch between Massachusetts Avenue and River Road.

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pick-up events.