Make a Difference

Neighbors Joining Neighbors Can Save Our Creeks

Making a Difference in the Little Falls Watershed, LFWA Bethesda MDHere at the Little Falls Watershed Alliance we are committed to improving our local environment and we know that our work can really make a difference. Our waterways in Maryland are in crisis.  Dirt and polluted run-off have made the creeks in our area unlivable for the organisms that help to clean our water.  Our creeks flow to the Chesapeake Bay which is also in crisis.  Saving the Bay depends on cleaning up our creeks.  The Bay needs our help in our neighborhoods to become clean and healthy once again.  

We firmly believe in thinking globally and acting locally. Our seemingly small efforts to improve the natural spaces and running water of our area will drastically improve the water quality of our local streams, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay.  

Find out what you can do in our neighborhoods or even your backyard to be part of the solution and work towards a cleaner future.

Opportunities to Make a Difference:

Membership: You could become a member of LFWA by making a $25 donation and signing up for our mailing list.  By becoming a member you will support an important cause and receive periodic updates of events where you can do your part for clean water. 

Report Problems: An important role of all citizens is to report problems when you see them.  LFWA cannot be everywhere, so if you see polluters or other dangers to our water, do not hesitate to report it to the proper authorities.  Consult this guide to know where to direct your report. 

Volunteer: LFWA is an all-volunteer organization and could not exist without motivated citizens who are committed to making a difference.  LFWA is proof of the power of neighbors working together to improve our natural spaces.  Click here to find out about our numerous volunteer opportunities.  

Conservation Landscaping: You can make a difference right in your backyard by changing your lawn to Bay friendly plants, installing a rain barrel or building a rain garden.  These easy home projects prevent polluted runoff from happening right at their source.  Find out how plants and landscaping can soak up nutrients and filter water in a rain garden.  Learn how you can stop polluted runoff from ever occurring by adding rain barrels to your downspouts.  Learn how you can replace parts of your lawn with Bay Friendly plants (and become a certified wildlife habitat!).  

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what you can do, consult these helpful resources that we have collected. 

Together we can ensure clean water and healthy natural spaces for future generations.