About Us

Storm drain Labeling in the Little Falls Watershed, Bethesda MD


The Little Falls Watershed Alliance was started in 2008 to protect the fragile natural environment in lower Montgomery County and adjacent DC neighborhoods and to ensure that the natural spaces in our area persist for generations to come.

As stewards of the watershed, we are committed to restoring the water quality, natural habitat and ecological well-being of the Little Falls Watershed.  We speak up for the needs of our parks and natural areas, and we advocate for clean water laws that are fair and enforced consistently. 

We strive to bring neighbors together in order to build awareness, improve the natural habitat, protect our community's natural heritage, and enhance the community's enjoyment of the many creeks and forests in the watershed.  Follow this link for a map of the watershed.

Our Board and Staff

LFWA is supported by a very part-time executive director and a working board.  The Alliance counts on the support of citizens like you!  Please consider participating in our invasive vine removal and trash clean up days, voicing your support for our positions with local officials, or making a donation to support our efforts.  To meet the Board, click here.

Our Creeks

Little Falls Branch is the main creek in our watershed.  It starts in the Chevy Chase Country club and runs into the Potomac by the Little Falls section of the river.  The Willett Branch starts in Bethesda by Woodmont Ave and runs along the Little Falls Parkway until it meets the Little Falls Creek above Massachusetts Ave.  The Minnehaha Branch runs along Goldsborough Road and flows into the Potomac at Glen Echo. 

These creeks are some of the most impaired creeks in the County.  Click here to access county information about the health of our streams.  Click here to access the fecal count of our creek.  Click here to learn what you can do to make a difference!





Photo by David Kathan