Shout Out to Watershed Warriors!

Monday, February 20, 2012 - 2:54pm

Picking up Trash in the Little Falls Creek, Bethesda MD

Parkway Pick-up

Last Saturday, Feb. 11, we had 8 people out for the monthly Little Falls parkway and creek clean-up. In an hour and a half, we were able to pick-up 5 bags of trash and 3 bags of recycling as well as one very new looking walker and a child size grocery cart. Thank you to everyone for participating. We look forward to seeing you next month too! Check the website for details.





Salt Spill Clean-up in the Little Falls Watershed


Salt Spill Alert

A special shout out goes to Wesley Seminary for not only alerting us that DC trucks had spilled a ton (literally) of salt on the road during the non-snow event, but for helping us shovel some 1,000 pounds into plastic bags so that it wouldn't be washed into the stormdrains and creek when in rained. And thank you to DC DOT for prompt pick-up of the bags and also for arranging to have the street swept. There were two big stripes of salt going all the down University Ave from Mass to Quebec where it appears the truck's spreader malfunctioned.