Willett Branch in the Westbard Sector

A New Life for the Willett Branch; A New Park for the Westbard Sector

The new Sector plan for Westbard calls for a naturalized Willett Branch creek and a beautiful new park cutting through Westbard like a green ribbon with a walking path, play areas and places for gathering giving the new (and old!) residents a place to stretch their legs and recharge. 

This promises to be a major amenity for the area. The concrete-line channel creek with walls covered with graffiti and banks littered will be replaced by a natural waterway that supports fish and other aquatic life. The banks will have trees, native plants and shrubs instead of being a dumping ground for shopping carts, tires and appliances and other trash. Residents will be able to walk along the creek and enjoy the beautiful natural environment of that a creek provides.

The County Council approved the Plan on May 3, 2016.  The New Sector Plan is HERE.  The Appendix is HERE.

The history of the River Road African American Community can be found HERE.  This community, pushed out by development in the 1960s,  was located in the what will be the heart of the new Park.