Why are the Trees Marked? WSSC project in the Park

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 3:41pm

You may have noticed red, blue and red and white stripped ribbons marking trees and shrubs along the Hiker/Biker trail in the Little Falls Stream Valley Park.

These ribbons are part of a survey by the WSSC in preparation for a large sewer rehabilitation project for the Little Falls Basin.

From the Project Engineers (O'Brien and Gere)

Colored Tags. - (Tags do NOT necessarily indicate removal.)
  •  Red/white stripped denote specimen trees that must be replaced in-kind if removed.
  • Red markings basically indicate the limits of disturbance.  This designation is not to be taken literally, but rather indicated the access path that the contractors may need to perform their work.
  • Blue markings indicate the top of bank for a stream corridor.
Community Presentation:
We will be prepared to present project maps at the community outreach event currently being planned for late January.  In the meantime, WSSC has a web application HERE that provides the location of specific manholes and pipelines to be rehabilitated throughout the service area.

Little Falls Watershed Alliance will keep you up to date as we get information.  Watch our website for details.