Welcome to Little Falls Watershed Alliance

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - 4:28pm

We finally have a stewardship group for the Little Falls Watershed. We have a board of directors, we have committees, we have applied for non-profit status, we have a list serv and now we have a blog! It's very exciting and we invite you to join us.

Here's a map of the watershed. The main creeks are Little Falls Branch, Willet Branch and Minnehaha Branch in North Bethesda. Jennifer Run also comes into the Little Falls Branch. As you can see, we are bordered by Cabin John and Rock Creek Watersheds.

You can join our list serv by emailing Suzanne at info@LFWA.org. She's our president and she'll sign you up!

For more information, email Suzanne too. We can get you set-up clearing invasive weeds (every other Saturday at the Little Falls Stream Valley Park) or picking up trash - both by the creek or on the roads. You could also join us as a creek steward, or join a committee.