Volunteers Remove 10 Bags of Trash From Little Falls Parkway

Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7:52pm

We had a beautiful day Saturday while we were out cleaning up the Little Falls Stream Valley Park. Sixteen volunteers collected enough to fill ten extra large bags with recyclable and regular trash. Several large metal items, including a large highway guardrail, were also found and dragged out.

LFWA wants to especially thank the sixth graders, from Westland Middle School and North Chevy Chase, and their moms, who worked so diligently to bring the Parkway and park back to a cleaner state. Their enthusiasm and efforts are very much appreciated. And we can't forget our regular volunteers, Patty and Pat Garvey.

When you all walk in the park or drive along Little Falls Parkway, please take a minute (or second when driving) to notice how much cleaner the area is.

Thank to everyone,
Suzanne Richman