Save the Trees on Wisconsin Avenue

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 12:56pm

Half Green Mile?

Several years ago, citizens in Chevy Chase fought to have the stretch of Wisconsin Avenue between Dorset and Bradley remain residential.  They cited increased parking lots and loss of tree cover as major concerns to the "Green Mile".  The Green Mile needs our help again.  The State Highway Administration is proposing to put a sidewalk along the east side of the street (the golf course side).  All the trees - 53 of them - will be cut down and some 3/4 of an acre of paved surface will be added.  Because of the small right-of-way, there is not enough room to replant any of the trees.  Imagine this stretch of Wisconsin a "half green mile."

Little Falls Watershed Alliance opposes this sidewalk as the environmental impact of such a dramatic action in our very fragile watershed have not be addressed.  Visit our website at to see how you can help Save the Trees!