MoCo Increases Rebates for Landscaping Projects

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 10:41pm

Great news for the watershed! Montgomery County just announced that the homeowner Rainscape rebates for landscaping that manages stormwater will increase to $7,500 per residence.  Rainscape projects include rain gardens to capture the water and let it soak into the ground, conservation landscaping which uses native plants to create more nature environment that prevents rain water run-off; pervious pavement - which soaks the water up instead of allowing it to run-off and more! 

If you want to see an example in the Little Falls watershed of how beautiful rain gardens and conservation landscaping can be, check out our project in Overlook behind their pool off btween 4405 and 4407Tournay Road, Bethesda MD.   


Rebates for Montgomery County RainScapes Stormwater Projects Have Increased Dramatically

RainScapes is one of the signature water quality programs of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). It offers technical and financial assistance to encourage property owners to install environmentally friendly landscaping solutions that beautify properties and reduce runoff to local streams. RainScapes projects include rain gardens, conservation landscapes, green roofs, permeable pavers, rain barrels and cisterns.


For all pending and future RainScapes projects, the maximum per property Rewards Rebate has been increased to $7,500 per residential property, and $20,000 for properties owned by commercial entities, institutions, homeowner associations or nonprofit organizations. The new rebate maximums are three times greater than the previous residential rebate and twice as large as the previous institutional maximum. The new rebate schedule went into effect on October 1 and will include pending projects.


Since the launch of the RainScapes Rewards Rebate Program 11 years ago, 987 rebates have been distributed totaling $511,481.63.  Properties owners who had installed RainScapes and received the maximum rebate under the old threshold, will now be able to add more projects.


“The increased rebates will allow more property owners to take advantage of the benefits of RainScapes and help their communities,” said Patty Bubar, interim director of the Department of Environmental Protection. “They will be able to build larger gardens and install innovative projects that will ensure that Montgomery County is a leader is community-driven stormwater management.”


RainScapes projects require pre-approval from DEP in order to receive a rebate, except for rain barrel installation projects. Approved projects are expected to be completed within six months. Rebates are awarded based on a final inspection of the project and submittal of receipts.


RainScapes rebates are funded through the Montgomery County Water Quality Protection Charge. Once a RainScapes project is installed, residents can apply for a reduction to their property tax bill in the form of a credit for maintaining their project.


More information about the Rainscapes program, including information on how to apply for rebates, is available Information also is available by inquiring via email at

Information about a potential tax credit for implementing a Rainscapes project can be found at