A Meadow for Norwood Park!

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 4:45pm

The vines are gone, the bush honeysuckle has been cut back and native wildflowers are coming to Norwood Park. Little Falls Watershed Alliance is partnering with Montgomery Parks to restore a meadow below the soccer fields at the west end of the park.

Dozens of volunteers have spent hundreds of hours cleaning out bush honeysuckle, porcelainberry vines, multi-flora rose and other invasive non-native plants.  All their hard work has paid off  as the debris will be removed, the land tilled and replanted with native flowers and shrubs.   The grand vision is to establish native meadow-like vegetation in the canopy gap (0.15 acres) along the trail coming south from the southwest corner oof the Park to Little Falls.  Over 1,000 native plants  will be provided for the project from the Montgomery Parks Pope Farm.  

Work will begin in late May or early June to clear the piles of logs and other debris.  Community planting days are planned for the fall and spring of 2015.

Thank you to Whole Foods whose generous donation made this possible.

 A Meadow for Norwood Park:  Imagine all this debris removed and wildflowers blooming in their spot.   Work will start in late May and June with community planting days planned for the fall of 2014 and Spring 2015.