Looking for Stewards

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 11:59am

Yesterday, I walked my dogs along the Little Falls Trail from Dorset Ave to Norwood Park. The colors are amazing, but the park needs so much work. Porcelain berry is smothering most of the trees, especially on the "creek edge" and along the western edge of Norwood park and the entire area needs cleaning and invasive control. However, as I passed fellow dog walkers and greeted friends and neighbors, I thought, if we could get an army of park users to spend just a few hours, we could free many of the trees and make a dent in the invasives.

This fits right into the steward program that LFWA is trying to launch. What we are looking for are people to adopt a section of the Little Falls Park (which runs from McArthur Blvd to Norwood Park). The steward would be the eyes and ears of their section as well as help organize clean-up events once or twice a year. LFWA board would support them and provide tools, equipment - whatever they need. We were thinking that this would be a perfect role for people who already use the park - dog walkers, runners, hikers and the like.

If you would like to be a steward, contact Suzanne Richman at info@lfwa.org for more information. And even if you don't want to be a steward, but would like to organize the West Chevy Chase neighborhood for a invasive weed removal effort, contact Lynnwood at plants@lfwa.org. She can help get you started and even has a lot of clippers to lend.

And don't forget we have Diane Cameron coming to talk about stormwater control on November 12. The old way to control stormwater run-off was to line the creek with concrete like they did to the Willett Branch which runs along the Little Falls Trail near Norwood Park. Diane will talk about new solutions that don't involve concrete!

Sarah Morse
blog master