Equity One Releases Concept Drawings for Westbard Sector

Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 12:46pm

Equity One has unveiled their vision for the Westbard properties - including the Westbard Center where the Giant is located, the Westbard II Building and Manor Nursing Home at River and Ridgefield, and the gas stations, Bowling Alley and other properites on the east side of Westbard Avenue.  From their website: "The vision creates a pedestrian friendly gathering space for the community with two-story retail and new residential and office. A variety of active and passive open spaces are integrated throughout the project."

The complete presentation can be found HERE.

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Robert Dyer, Robert Dyer@BethesdaRow, gives this report:

Equity One is showing the first images of its plans for properties it owns in the Westbard Sector of Bethesda, and previewed them at a media event on Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015. This was a somewhat unusual move, to reveal the renderings for reporters instead of at a large community meeting, or pre-submittal public meeting. The firm's Executive VP of Development, Michael Berfield, said he doesn't anticipate having a large meeting like those held last year again, saying that "at some point they become counterproductive." Instead, Berfield said, he is meeting with small groups, such as the Kenwood and Springfield Civic Associations. Click HERE for complete story...