Bag Bill Saved!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 11:09am


This is just in from Julie Lawson at Trash Free Maryland.  Roger Berliner has decided not to present his bill that would exempt department stores and carry-outs from the five cent bag fee.  See below for details from Julie's email.  Thanks to everyone who sent letters and testified and reminding the council that environmentalist care and vote!


Hi, everyone-

I didn't even have time to put together a summary on Monday's committee work session before finding out the fantastic news that we have again successfully held back this amendment to weaken the disposable bag fee!
As reported on WTOP this morning, Roger Berliner is not scheduling the bill for consideration by the full County Council at this time, at the request of County Executive Ike Leggett. Read more here:
The work session on Monday was heated, with representatives of the County Executive's office and the Department of Environmental Protection arguing with members of the T&E committee that any amendments to the bill were premature and not based on real evidence of problems. Read coverage of that session here:
So, we are back to the holding pattern we have been in all summer and fall. Meanwhile, I encourage you to send a quick note to Mr. Leggett ( thanking him for his leadership, and also to Mr. Berliner ( for listening to the concerns and agreeing to give it more time for real data to be collected.
Thanks to all who contributed cleanup data, testified, wrote letters, and informed your members. I'll definitely keep you posted.
Julie Lawson
Director, Trash Free Maryland Alliance

Saving the world, one bag at a time!  We can make a difference for a healthier earth.