Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel, Little Falls Watershed Alliance, Bethesda MD

Keep Polluted Water Out of the Stream

Every time it rains, over 600 gallons of water rolls off your roof and into the street where it makes its way to the Little Falls creek carrying fertilizer, trash and other pollutants.  

You can help stop the polluted run-off by installing a rain barrel on your down spouts.  The water that is caught in the barrels can used to water your garden, lawn or house plants.  This saves you a little on your water bill and saves the stream from polluted run-off. 

In the rain barrel pictured to the right, a hose can be connected to the tap at the bottom for watering your garden. During a rain storm, once the barrel is full, the excess water goes out the black tubing.  You could even direct it to a rain garden!

Rebate Programs

Montgomery County and Washington DC will pay you to install a rain barrel.

Click here to learn about Montgomery County's Rainscape program.

Click here to learn about the District's River Smart Homes program.  

Build Your Own Rain Barrel

The US Environmental Protection Agency is launching a campagne to get a rain barrel on every down spout.  Visit their site to find out how to make your own rain barrel.


Photo by: Jason Vance