Walk the Willett Branch

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Meet at the Westwood Center II parking lot.
5110 Ridgefield Road
Bethesda, MD 

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Can't make the date?  Watch our video HERE.

Join us on a half-mile walk to tour the very industrial Willett Branch in the Westbard Sector.  We will start at the intersection of River and Ridgefield and end on Little Falls Parkway where the creek joins the Little Falls Branch.   Optional return will be up the creek.  (The creek is concrete lined and very shallow - 2 or 3 inches max.)   Wear boots that can get wet and bring a flash light if you are interested in returning along this path.  Total round trip is less than one mile. The entire trip is on pavement!  There is a steep slope to enter and exit the creek.

The Willett Branch runs through the Westbard Sector in a concrete-lined channel passing through some of the most commercial districts in Bethesda. The creek starts in downtown Bethesda, runs through the Little Falls Park, then it goes under the WES soccer field, roads and several parking lots until it joins with the Little Falls Branch on Little Falls Parkway, The sides of the creek are covered by graffiti and the banks are littered with trash, abandoned cars, tires, shopping carts and more.  

But it doesn't have to be this way.  The redevelopment of Westbard includes naturalizing the creek and turning the stream valley into a park. Walking the creek is the first step in understanding how and where we can improve the natural areas of our neighborhood.  

Learn more about the plans and what you can do to bring the park to fruition HERE.

Willett Branch creek behind Schnabel Foundation Co.

Willett Branch at River Road. Bethesda

Photos of the Willett Branch. Left is where it passes under River Road near Ridgefield Road. Right is behind the Schnabel Foundation Company.