Happy Birthday

Little Falls Watershed Alliance is turning 9 this spring.  From our first meeting in Dan's living room, who would have predicted that we would have grown so much.

From our beginning in 2008, by the numbers:

       1 - the number of grants we have received to do stormwatermanagement
            design study of the Overlook neighborhood

       2 - the number of meadows we have restored

       4 - the number of times we have testified in Annapolis

       7 - the number of three-day Chesapeake Bay Forum trainings we have attended

      11 - the number of times we have testified before the County Council  on behalf of the environment

      11 - the number of Board members trained at Chesapeake Bay Forums

      12 - the number of Eagle and Girl Scout projects we have sponsored

      21 - the number of rain barrels we have distributed to residents

      41 - the number of special work days we have arranged for office, school and civic groups

      80 - the number of trash pick-up work days we have hosted

      90 - the number of board meetings we have held

     213 - the number of bags of recycling we have removed from the creek

     298 - the number of NNI weed removal events we have hosted

  1,022 - the number of volunteers who have picked up trash

  1,500 - the number of storm drains labeled

  1,899 - the number of volunteers who removed invasive weeds

  6,234 - the number of total volunteers hours

20,760 - the number of pounds of trash removed from the creek and surrounding surface areas

Please join our numbers with a donation in honor of our birthday.

$  500 - Steward
$  250 - Sustaining
$  100 - Partner
$    50 - Friend

Other - $_______

Enter the amount you wish to donate.