Sarah Morse

Sarah is an educator, artist, and naturalist. She has worked as a statistician, an art teacher, and the Director of the Jewish Folk Arts Festival.

In 1996, when her oldest child was in 4th grade, Sarah began leading a stream assessment program at Somerset Elementary School for fourth graders. In just 16 years, the aquatic life of the Little Falls creek went from a wide diversity of macro-invertibrates including crayfish, cadisfly larva and an occasional may fly larva to nothing but leeches and black fly larva. It was this dramatic decline in the stream and desire to do something to help the stream recover that lead to her involvement in stormwater management and stream restoration.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Grinnell College double majoring in  Art and General Science and a Masters of Art Education from Temple University. 

Sarah is a founding member of Little Falls Watershed Alliance.  Ini 2014, she was hired as Executive Director, a part time position.

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